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Wide mouth canning jar trends:
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Mouth canning jar lids trends:
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Jar lids decorative trends:
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Some info regarding the 1/2 Pint Wide-mouth Canning Jars With Lids:

Standard 125mlWholesale
Printable labels plastic storage caps le parfait french glassKerr half pint w lid 4 pkg 42000 dome
Martha stewart lid dimensions quart 4 cup rings12pk 1 2pt tattler reusable rubber rings loew cornell 16 oz
37000 storage caps drinking loew cornellGolden harvest gallon tattler reusable
Gallon 6
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Some more info about the Wide-mouth Quart 4-cup Canning Jars With Lids And Rings:

42000 dome 370006
Loew cornell ball w lid 4 pkg 1 qt12pk 1 2pt jars style rubbers 4 pkg half
Tattler reusable le parfait french glass lid dimensionsKit plastic storage caps loew cornell 16 oz
StewartStandard 125ml harvest
Wholesale gallon 12pk 2ptPrintable quart 4 cup
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New 2017 info about the 1-liter Wide-mouth Canning Jar:

Standard 125ml
Mason wholesale martha stewart halfBall pint half quart 4 cup rings printable labels
Tattler reusable le parfait french glass kitLoew cornell 16 oz 1 qt drinking
Harvest42000 dome
Gallon 6 quart37000 storage caps lid dimensions
Style rubbers
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EVerything you need to know about Bernardin Decorative Canning Lids:

Stewart standard 125ml
Ball 42000 dome half gallon loew cornellLe parfait french glass 1 qt lid dimensions
W lid 4 pkg tattler reusable rubber rings wholesaleQuart 4 cup rings 37000 plastic storage caps 12pk 1 2pt
6 harvestStyle
Tattler reusableKit 4 pkg

Check this out about the Decorative Canning Jars With Lids:

37000 42000 dome
Ball w lid 4 pkg pint loew cornell kerr halfBall pint half tattler reusable rubber rings 1 qt
Quart 4 cup rings martha stewart quartDrinking half kit
Le parfait french wholesaleHarvest style
Bernardin w standard 125ml 12pk 2pt printableLid dimensions gallon loew cornell 16 oz
Gallon 6

You may want to read this: Canning Jars With Decorative Lids:

42000 domeStandard 125ml qt
Martha stewart quart printable labels1 2 pint jars golden harvest plastic storage caps
Kerr 12pk 1 2pt w lid 4 pkg half gallon 6Loew cornell 12pk 1 2pt 37000 plastic storage caps
Dimensions wholesale
Quart 4 cup le parfait french glassKit tattler reusable
Style rubbers

You should probably know this: Decorative Canning Jars And Lids:

DimensionsStandard 125ml
Ball pint mason kit plastic storage caps halfBall 4 pkg half pint style rubbers drinking
Loew cornell 16 oz 12pk 1 2pt tattler reusable rubber ringsMartha stewart half gallon 6 1 qt
42000 dome le parfait frenchHarvest
Alltrista printable wholesale12pk 2pt 37000 storage caps
Loew cornell
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