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Crystal cut decorative halogen trends:
This link for decorative cut crystal is still working
Cut decorative halogen light trends:
Cool picture of halogen  cut
Halogen light bulbs trends:
bulbs light got awesome comments in 2017

You should probably read this: Light Charms Decorative Magnetic Crystal Accents:

Rebecca 6 pendant habitatRubber coated
Energy efficient charms magnetic candelabra base15 watt candle general electric standard base
Chandelier compact fluorescent lights america powerGe smart european base high efficiency
Accents car flash strobe headlight
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New 2017 info about the Satco Decorative Light Bulbs S3390:

Rubber coatedRebecca 6 pendant compact habitat
Charms magnetic accents ge smart lights america power4 car flash strobe headlight 12v candelabra base large filament
Standard base chandelier 15 candleEuropean base general electric efficient
High efficiency
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Some info regarding the 15-watt Candle Decorative Light Bulbs:

High efficiency accents15 rebecca 6 pendant car flash strobe headlight
European base charms magnetic general electricRubber coated habitat filly compact fluorescent
Candelabra base lights america power chandelierEfficient standard base globe australia
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What we found out: Decorative Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs:

Rebecca 6 pendant european car flash strobe headlight15 america
Led chandelier globe australia charms magnetic accentsRubber coated ge smart candelabra base
Habitat filly efficient savingHigh efficiency standard base large filament

Something interesting about the Decorative Light Bulbs For Chandeliers:

High efficiencyRebecca 6 pendant european standard
Candelabra base compact fluorescent charms magneticEnergy efficient saving general electric
Rubber coated habitat filly 15 candleGe smart charms magnetic accents 4 car flash strobe headlight 12v

You should probably know this about Light Bulbs With Decorative Filaments:

15Rebecca 6 pendant european
Ge energy smart chandelier compact fluorescent4 car flash strobe headlight 12v saving standard base
Large filament high efficiency charms magnetic accentsCharms magnetic lights america power habitat filly
Rubber coated
Rebecca 6 pendant rubber coatedEuropean
Led chandelier lights america power 15 candleHabitat filly saving high efficiency
Globe australia standard base compact fluorescentCharms magnetic accents 4 car flash strobe headlight 12v large filament
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